We use customized tools to help you recover your money as soon as possible.

How We Recover Your Money

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Fast Track Collections
Over 80% of what we collect is collected within the first 3-5 business days.
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If phone calling or writing letters worked, you would already have your money back. Our field investigators provide a full financial profile in order to better understand why debts remain unresolved. GGR is involved in your debtors’ day-to-day operations and won’t stop until your money is back in your hands.

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First-Party Collections
Get the power of GGR's debt collection services on your team.
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We can take over your accounts receivable management or supplement your current AR team with customized solutions that fit your industry, your company, and most importantly, your debtors. Monitor and track your debts with more power than before.

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Field Investigators
With over 12,000 investigators available, we get your money back in your hands.
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Your in-house collections department can only do so much. That’s why we amplify your collections team with our own field investigators. As part of a multi-step process, our credit-trained private investigators discover your debtors’ financial standing to find solutions to get your money back to you.

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Asset & Liability Investigation
Our investigations are the crucial step in getting your money back.
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You need to know the best way to get your money back. During our investigation we’ll discover hidden assets, crucial business information, and more to determine if your debtor has the resources to pay. If they don’t, we may be able to help you determine if litigation is feasible.

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Legal Counsel
With a network of attorneys across 50 states, we can help you take action against your debtors.
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It may be time to reclaim your money by taking legal action against your debtors. GGR can pre-qualify your case and determine any liabilities before a suit begins so you avoid additional losses. Our nationwide network of attorneys can also assist with filing liens so you can use assets to repay what is owed to you.

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Credit & Background Reports
GGR’s credit reports give you more information than any online service.
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Without the best information, you could be impacting your company’s bottom line. Our comprehensive credit and background reports give your credit managers the information they need to make crucial decisions about current and future borrowers.

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Let us do the heavy lifting.

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